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Welcome to BikeWise Oxford!

Welcome Miami Students!

Avoid the Big-Box-Bike Blues this year with a genuine bicycle from BikeWise! Our brands include Trek, Electra, Gunnar, Waterford, Salsa and more! Our bicycles have the finest components and are built to last!

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We have new bikes starting at just $380 with FREE indoor storage during winter and summer breaks and FREE minor maintenance! Find your Trek match here with Trek Bicycle finder. Come into the shop and use our Trek Digital Fit Kiosk to be fitted to your dream ride. 

Used* bicycles start at $100.00 (dependent on current stock). Browse our used bicycles here.

*Student Summer/Winter storage not included with purchase of used bicycles.

Don't want to buy? Click below for more information on our student semester rentals.

Did you purchase a bike online? Have it shipped directly to us for guaranteed professional assembly!

Yeah, we have bikes..... But it's what we do that is the important part.


Other shops may try to match our prices, but they could never match our service. We take what we do seriously and aren't happy until you are. Come find out for yourself what our customers already know.

Precision Fit Checkups

Doug is offering fit check-ups for existing Precision Fit clients! These sessions are approximately 60-90 minutes in length and include a motion capture analysis and baseline saddle pressure map. Call or email to book your session and start 2018 right!

Introducing Trek Precision Fit......your fit defined.

Follow this link to see a Trek Precision Fit in action!

Doug Hamilton is Level II certified, and is already making big differences in the power and comfort of riders in the area. This service, which includes thorough physical assessment is for anyone who wants to be more comfortable on their bike. Comfortable is faster and more efficient! We also offer real-time Saddle Pressure Analysis. Never have saddle discomfort again! Call today to schedule a fitting.

Comments from actual Precision Fit clients:

"Fantastic! Never felt better on my bike" -Jerry

"I haven't felt this good on my bike since I was in my 30's! -Chris age 57

"Thanks to the Saddle Mapping and Precision Fit services, I now feel at mile 120 like I used to feel at mile 20" - Jayne

"Nothing hurts anymore!" -Brian

"It's like someone pulled all the corks out. Faster and easier than ever" -Dave

"You have made my cycling dreams come true. Faster, smoother, and thanks to the Saddle Mapping, road 162 miles with ZERO saddle pain!" -Brent

The best cycling you've ever experienced awaits! Call for your appointment today.

People LOVE our service because we LOVE their bikes!

Thinking about a bike to get around town and to class? That's great! Now, do yourself a favor and get your bike from a bike shop not a toy department! We have bikes that don't cost much more than the poorly assembled, low-quality, completely unsupported bikes from the big box stores!

Not ready to buy? Why not RENT? Student rentals start at $1.16 per day!

People LOVE our service because we LOVE their bikes!

Find out why people are willing to drive hours to have us service their bikes! Call or email today to schedule your appointment!

We sell TrekGunnar, SurlyWaterfordSun, Day6, and KHS among others.

If you can't get to us during normal hours, call for an appointment!

People love our Trek Precision Fit  services. We also partner with Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine specialists when there are medical issues to be addressed with the fit.

Call 513-523-4880 for an appointment.

What about bikes NOT purchased at BikeWise Oxford?

Have your internet/mail order bike shipped straight to BikeWise for a complete and thorough assembly!

With the advent of companies who sell bikes over the internet in unassembled condition and expect the customer to do the final assembly, we feel the need to educate our customers about what they should expect should they want us to assemble such a bike for them. Although many of these bikes are touted as "90% assembled", they arrive in much the same condition as bikes from our own vendors, which is to say, in need of a lot of attention. All BikeWise bikes get a thorough assembly with all systems receiving attention. This usually takes a skilled mechanic at least an hour, and in the case of a triathlon bike, up to three or 4. Because of our commitment to the highest standards, we offer complete build services, but we do not offer a service where we will do only the "final adjustments". Only by doing the complete assembly can we be certain the bike is safe and reliable. This service starts at $60 for single speed bikes (fender and basket installation extra) up to $200 for high end tri and road bikes.

Bikes previously assembled and ridden are another matter, and if the bike is in good working condition when boxed for shipping, prices start at $40 for a simple reassembly. Multispeed and tri-bikes may be higher, depending on state of disassembly.

Just call or email to let us know it's coming, and we'll reserve a place in line for you.


Doug Hamilton is one of the foremost wheelbuilders in the region and has a track record of exceptional designs and class leading durability. You won't be sold cheap, disposable wheels here. Get more miles out of your money with custom wheels from BikeWise.

What they're saying about us lately:

Sandy says: "Doug, I rode my Gunnar for a 10 mile test ride on Sunday for the first time.  Just wanted to let you know that it was great.  The ride was very comfortable, the fit seems to be perfect and your comment was correct that the shifting was very nice and smooth.  It was a good job and I am very satisfied with what I have.  Thanks for the guidance on choosing what to include and for the excellent assembly."

John says: "Doug, Thank you so much. It is a very nice bike indeed (Madone 6.9 SSL) I was able to get 22 miles in on this cool day, bike is Awesome!"

KC from Nebraska says: "Again a true thanks for providing my desired wheelset at the same cost as many online build websites but with added customer service, selection and top notch results. I wish your shop was in my town."

T.H. from Qatar says: "Hi Doug. I just wanted to thank you soooooo much for the wheels!! They are phenomenal!"

Other Brands We Love

BikeWise Oxford is also proud to be a stocking dealer for Waterford Precision Cycles.

Waterford is the choice of the shop's owner as well as several of the staff!

Gunnar bikes are built by the same artisans as Waterford, but to stock geometries.








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